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Art is versatile. So am I!

Creativity is an integral part of expressing oneself. Like the Renaissance men & women of the past, I dedicate myself deeply to the works I create, the people I work with, and keep my creativity flowing by being a multidisciplinary artist. I'm a well rounded Swiss Army creative, with a special love for:

  • Acrylic paintings, especially empowering portrait paintings of cosplayers, reenactors, costumed folk. I welcome commission requests.

  • Reiki infused beaded jewelry utilizing crystals and gemstones for wellness.

  • Upcycled arts & crafts, to save the environment one craft project at a time.

  • Creative consultancy, particularly small to medium-sized healthcare and nonprofits, to improve their "visual voice" on websites, print, and social media.

I'm an artist who likes to takes good concepts and make them better. I'm a geek, who loves using technology to make the world a better place. And I'm a woman with hidden disabilities who's passionate about holistic wellness and enjoying everyday life one day at a time!

Have a look at my portfolio, or head over to my shop for fine art prints and art gifts with my designs. Thanks for your support!

I invite you to see my other works and how you can request a custom painting in acrylic.


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