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I was told once that the only thing that makes one person stand out from another is their unique story. Here's mine, and what motivates me.

"Art is a meditation, a therapy, occasionally a natural pain reliever, and most of all - fun!” 

I’m a lifelong artist who explores many forms of art, with current focuses on acrylic portrait painting, digital arts, crafts and jewelry. 

After college, I was fortunate enough to merge my love of computers & psychology with a love of art, working in a technology and marketing company as lead graphic designer when the world was shifting from faxes to the Internet. In the fall of 2002, a near death experience causing chronic illness, pain, environmental illness and extreme weight loss led to a radical  and permanent life change. About a decade later, global diagnoses of Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Dysautonomia better helped explain the lifetime constellation of conditions, lingering symptoms and life with permanent, but mostly hidden disabilities. I also live with PTSD, and creating art is one of my main forms of therapy.

Believing in the importance of making the best out of every day, I adapted, adjusted, and kept beating to my own drum, taking my art, marketing and design skill into the field of healthcare, where I found understanding and could give to others in need in a variety of ways. I was certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher (universal life force energy), Holistic Health Practitioner, and professionally gave guidance in everything from energy medicine to teaching people the essentials of technology and the safe and effective use of social media. Whether you call me a Renaissance woman, scanner or polymath, whatever I learn, I share! ​

Creatively, I seek out ways to bring healing into the world through art. When I create gemstone jewelry, in addition to the color and energetic properties of natural stones and materials, I infuse them with Reiki for the well-being of the wearer. I consult with clients in the helping and healing professions to find their visual voice – speaking in the language of color and design – especially to reach those in underserved communities. As I find materials and am able, I create upcycled arts & crafts to reduce waste in the landfill, one project at a time. ​

My biggest love, acrylic portrait paintings, reflects the inner struggles and strengths of the subject. I transform photographs into a digital rough sketch and then use that as a reference. As a representational artist, my work is neither photorealistic or abstract. My goal is to capture the essence of the subject, sharing the story of that moment. I particularly enjoy painting people in costume or cosplay as an exploration in bonding, empowerment and self-confidence. 

I look towards the very large, very small and human nature to send a message, utilizing art as the world’s best therapy. Each work I make is infused with the intention of well being for the recipient's greatest good in that moment. When someone sees my work, I hope they find something there that resonates within them, even something they cannot put words to. 
Please support my work by picking up an art print or gift in my shop, consider a commission, share my site with others and/or make a donation to my ABLE fund, which helps me pay for critical disability expenses.


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