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Arisia Friends!

I paint portraits from photos for Cosplayers, reenactors, Costumed performers & Beyond!


Do you have a special memory from Arisia that you'd like to capture on canvas? Are you a cosplayer, reenactor, LARPer, SCA folk, custom costume maker or costumed performer - someone who is bringing joy? My goal is to create empowering, dynamic portraits in acrylic -  paintings with a backstory, action, character.

Contact me by 1/31/20 and get $75 off the total cost of your painting when you mention Arisia 2020!

About Costume/Cosplay Empowerment

Since I was a child, one of the things I found fascinating was the power of costumes at Halloween, where you set aside how you saw yourself, how the world labeled you, and freely expressed yourself for a day. As conventions, reenactment and cosplay became more popular, I saw a year-round extension of this. Whether covered head-to-toe unrecognizably in layers of painted foam, dressed in something not safe for work, or somewhere in between, what I observed was not only a bonding of strangers over shared interests and themes but more importantly, an exploration in self-confidence and self awareness. It is very empowering!

About the paintings at Arisia 2020


I have been fortunate enough to have attended Arisia a few times, and I made a call out for those who'd be willing to model for an acrylic painting. I am an artist with multiple, mostly hidden disabilities and consider myself a “spoonie”- living life one hour, one day at a time. You can learn more about me here, but here's more about the paintings at this year's show!

Hugs Are Awesome-O

Acrylic, 2016

Though I really started getting into acrylic in 2015, this was the moment of inspiration to paint Arisia folk!

I attended a late night cosplay sketching class at Arisia. The goal was to focus on the fabric details. I worked up the courage to ask if I could take photos
 for a possible painting in the future, and the models were gracious enough to allow me to. The model, Sarah Morrison, picked up an hugged a South Park "Awesom-O" cardboard prop during the session. It was so sweet, I had to recreate the moment (in a nicer environment than a conference room). I spelled Awesome intentionally with the "e" to reflect the multiple meanings in the painting.

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