A Look at Captain Alfonse Wilhelm Petard

It's time for another personal acrylic portrait painting challenge! I've painted a number of lovely ladies, but for whatever reason, male...

Behind the Scenes: Hugo's Dream

Folks have been asking to learn more about the motivations behind my paintings, so I’m sharing more here on my blog! Hugo's Dream, a 6x6...

A Quick Note on Holiday Shopping

Shopping safely and want to minimize worry about shipping delays? Now is the time to get online to the Dabblers Corner Arts shop!

Create for Life

This year has been a whirlwind of emotion - have you felt the same? There is all the usual craziness of personal life on top of a...

The Candle Test

Unless you've had your TV and Internet off for a while, you've likely heard about Bill Nye the science guy and his demonstration on Tik...

Secret Agent: Artist

I'm keeping my next batch of paintings under wraps for awhile - find out why!


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