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Commissioned Paintings

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The Process



You send a high-resolution image as a reference. Additional reference photos are welcome so that I can view closer details of face/hair/clothing, etc. if you so choose.



Helpful Information about custom acrylic paintings from photos

Commissioning an artist for a portrait painting shouldn't be left to a mystery artist at a typical assembly line artist site. As an artist who cares about quality, storytelling in an image as well as being an artist with disabilities, I take on a limited number of commissioned paintings annually. If you haven't yet, please view my portfolio to get familiar with my representational painting approach, which lands somewhere between photorealism and stylized and is an artistic interpretation.

What's the advantage of acrylic over oil paintings?

Acrylic is lightfast -the colors remain true over time and tend to be more durable. Paintings in acrylic can also be created faster than an oil painting, which may take many months to dry properly when complete.

How Much Does it Cost?

As a commissioned artist, I commit to doing the best possible work I am capable of in creating an artistic portrait, and my work is fairly priced. Prices are based upon the number of people, the complexity of the image, canvas size, and if you'd like rights for branding use. Contact me ith your idea, I'll reach out - if we have a meeting of the minds, we move forward!

What Kind of Paintings Do You Offer?

I offer portrait paintings of people from your favorite photographs! My focus is on portrait paintings for cosplayers, reenactors, and costumed performers, but don't be afraid to make an inquiry about a different kind of painting or other crafts - I love stretching my creative wings!

How Long Does it Take for You To Create a Painting?

Unlike assembly line style sites that paint over a reprint of your photo or run your photo through Photoshop digitally painting your work via a filter and print it onto canvas, paintings I create are done one sketch and dab at a time. I notify each client via email what stage in the painting I am at along the way, and do one painting at a time so that the work gets the attention it deserves. Typically most paintings are completed in two-three months once begun (I'll notify you if there is a queue), but it varies by canvas size and nature of the image.


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