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Commissioning an artist for a portrait painting shouldn't be left to a mystery artist at a typical assembly line artist site. When you select me to create a unique painting from a treasured photo, you have:

  • A special keepsake gift in the “age of the selfie”.

  • Acrylic paints are a cross between modern and traditional. The medium is lightfast - acrylics don't yellow over time and tend to be more durable. Paintings in acrylic can also be created faster than an oil painting, which may take several months to dry properly when complete.

  • An artist who is seeking to tell a visual story through dynamic portrait paintings from your photos. No long sittings!

    • Cosplayers, reenactors, costumed performers, and other models can create a special self-portrait painting and have the option to enjoy affordable art prints for the homes of their fans, friends and family.

    • Recipients also have the option to receive a high-resolution image of the painting for use as a branding tool (to use their painted image on business cards, flyers etc.)


As an artist who cares about quality, storytelling in an image as well as being an artist with disabilities, I take on a limited number of commissioned paintings annually. If you haven't yet, please view my painting portfolio to get familiar with my style in acrylic.


My style lands somewhere between photorealism and stylized and is an artistic interpretation. As a commissioned artist, I commit to doing the best possible work I am capable of in creating an artistic portrait.  


Prices are based upon the number of people, the complexity of the image, canvas size, and if you'd like rights for branding use. Contact me at the inquiry form below with your idea, I'll reach out - if we have a meeting of the minds, we move forward!


You send a high resolution image as reference. Additional reference photos are welcome so that I can view closer details of face/hair/clothing, etc. if you so choose.


After a 50% nonrefundable downpayment is made and the contract is signed, I make a  sketch on the canvas, and/or digital rendering for reference.


Layer by layer, the painting gradually comes to life! I keep my clients updated by email about major progress.


Once the painting is complete, the painting is varnished in a matte or gloss coating for protection and long life. The painting is delivered with final payment.

Inquire about a custom acrylic portrait painting
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