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Ever since my own health crises led me to work at the holistic wellness center which saved my life, I have sought out ways to integrate healing and wellness into my world as an artist. This has resulted in three kinds of projects:

  • Beaded gemstone jewelry, which, in addition to the gemstones energetic properties, I infuse with Reiki (universal life force energy) for the well-being of the wearer on request. 

  • Upcycled and repurposed art/crafts, to reduce waste for a healthier planet.

  • Other arts & crafts projects which served as personal art therapy (actually, all of my art has a therapeutic purpose!)

Each project is made with care for the project itself and well as in stages to accommodate my disabilities. Quite a few of these items were made lying down in bed! This isn't because I'm laid back metaphorically - it's to reduce pain as well as fainting, a symptom of dysautonomia.

A number of these items have been sold at my Etsy shop; some pieces are still available via Here, There and Everywhere's shop and shows. With the exception of the coral jewelry set and upcycled purse, all images are also examples of my product photography as well.

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