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I've dabbled in various kinds of art, including acrylic painting since I was a kid. I was determined to master landscapes; I loved how Bob Ross made it seem so effortless to put together a landscape from ones imagination. However, it wasn't until 2015 that I realized that I had a much stronger gift in turning a photo or series of photographs into a handmade canvas work of art.


Because I paint in very small stints to minimize chronic pain and fatigue, each painting is a labor of love, taking me several months to create. At the urging of friends, family and colleagues, I am making some of these available for purchase as reprints in canvas, acrylic and as other goods (like comfy pillows and tote bags) at my shop. Unless noted in the description, the originals are for sale as well! Please contact me if you are interested in the original painting or for a special commissioned portrait.

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