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You're Invited: Arisia 2020 Art Show

Except to close family and friends, mum has been the word, since it wouldn't really have been real until the paintbrushes were put down and the art was getting packed.

My portrait paintings focusing on cosplay/costume empowerment are going on the road! Next stop: Boston, Arisia 2020, and you are all invited to attend! You can pick up tickets and learn more at arisia.org. One brand new painting, "Embercraft Strong", will have its big debut, along with familiar Arisia faces. All you'll get for now is this sneak peek...

While I'm not sure of the official stats, Arisia has long been considered one of the largest fan-run sci-fi/fantasy conventions in the northeast. There are so many things I love about Arisia - there are panels and activities running on all kinds of topics, shopping and shows, music, games... something for every age and nearly every interest. I also appreciate how accepting the community is, especially for people with disabilities visible and hidden. There's ample room to navigate, places to sit and rest (or you can just go up to your room and crash as often as you need), accessible restrooms, and mindfulness about allergies, immune systems and the need to decompress if you are sensitive to stimuli. As a result over the years, I've felt Arisia is a welcoming retreat, where I have made new friends, and enjoyed as little or as much as I could.

Matted and bagged art prints - repeat images are kind of soothing in a way!

To get into the art show amongst so many artists I admire is a joy and an honor - only the second time ever to be shown at a fan-run event - the first time for my paintings. I have learned so much in the process of creating these works, and I hope to share my experience, and perhaps find inspiration in even more cosplayers/reenactors in the coming year.

Crossing flexy fingers and toes for a successful weekend!

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