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Ch-ch-changes at Dabblers Corner & Life in the Wake of COVID-19

Queue a certain David Bowie song in your head...

The last two weeks or so have been a shift, not just for myself, but for many thousands of people as well as the coronavirus puts us on a preventative lockdown.

For all of you telecommuting from home, or turning your tiny spaces into art studios around your families and pets for the first time- welcome to the world of the creative homebound! Having gone from the health of someone who could work full time just after college to someone who works part-part time now, I can very much relate to the initial shock of not seeing as many faces as you once did, or the struggle to adapt and organize your day when the world around you is unpredictable. I promise it does get better over time with practice. Give yourself a bit of time to figure out a routine for yourself and your loved ones. No, it will never be perfect (especially if you don't have a separate room from which to work), but give yourself permission to be flexibly imperfect. You'll be less stressed and get more done.

What is happening around the world is both a terrible thing to see and yet another example of how humanity bands together in times of crisis. I am trying to cherish all the silver linings I can find along the way:

  • Observing how nature is rebounding this spring;

  • Recovering time and energy as I'm temporarily freed from oodles of routine errands & medical appointments (hooray for the possibility of regularly covered telemedicine everywhere);

  • Listening to the quiet and the morning birds instead of the hustle of the city;

  • Seeing more and more hangouts and activities are going online and on video, opening up the world to events I might not otherwise be able to see and friends I might not be able to physically reconnect with for some time.

I've whipped out a number of low cost tools to make video conferencing, such as a ring light, mini tripod, clip clamp and Shoulderpod. I'm not too keen on real time video of working on my art in progress, but just in case I need to record very hands free and overhead, I even have a smartphone arm I picked up for about $20 bucks. There's no reason why we can't stay visually and emotionally connected right now - and hopefully in the future!

Life inside my home is relatively unchanged, but while the outside experiences a downtime which will prevent me from displaying my work at arts and crafts shows and conventions this year, my plan is to keep building my painting portfolio from generous models, as well as working on a major change to this website.

My jewelry, graphics, crafts, etc. will be moved to an offsite portfolio page (to be announced) and this site will focus on my paintings only. So if you want an art print from my photos, now is the time to get it - they will be soon gone!

Does that mean I'm no longer a "dabbler"? Absolutely not! My mind and body works best on variety to keep creative and well, but I certainly don't do everything all at once. My site started out as a full creative portfolio of my long career first and shop second, but my major goal is to do more portrait painting commissions from photos for cosplayers, performers, reenactors and other interesting people.

The dabbler in Dabblers Corner isn't just a playful way to describe my love of being a Renaissance person, it also represents all the many dabs of paint I use to create my paintings.

A lot will be happening where you can't see it and it, but when the site is fully transformed, I'll let you know (feel free to contact me with your feedback)! Meanwhile, be safe and well, stay at home as much as you can, and keep trying to find the silver linings.

Just keep swimming!

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