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Create for Life

This year has been a whirlwind of emotion - have you felt the same? There is all the usual craziness of personal life on top of a pandemic, wildfires, nationwide unrest, it's all so.... overwhelming.

So, if you've gotten out of bed to do something today - especially if it is something positive for yourself or others, however small, I tip my hat to you!

I wanted to share an update on the good things that have been going on behind the scenes.

I've got more volunteer models than I can shake a stick at: I am happy to announce that between in-person events at the start of the year, and current online events, I have all the reference models I need for inspiration in the foreseeable future. These generous models are my inspiration in my ongoing costume/cosplay empowerment series. I'm still open for commissions, however!

The secret paintings continue: I look forward to the time when I can show you some of the paintings I have done, but for now some have to remain top secret, to give me a chance at representation at a gallery which requires exclusive, never-before-seen work. However, if you missed it, I did update my painting gallery with a new painting I can share!

This perched American Kestrel was painted in an impressionism style. Focusing more on the color and essence of the scene rather than attempting photo realism, it is also the fastest portrait I have ever completed. The color makes me feel like I'm back in time, and I positively love birds. This one must've been contentedly resting, as every bird I've ever met takes a load off of their perpetually perching feet by keeping one off the ground.

School's in:

I consider myself a self-taught artist - I've never gotten a degree at a formal art school, but that's not to say that I haven't been inspired by artists from whom I've learned a ton. For all the chaos that 2020 has brought, it has also brought with it more incredible opportunities to learn online, many bite-sized, free or reasonable cost and accessible from home. Included in these are two painting challenges I've taken on - one a stylized digital painting class, the first time I've used Photoshop for something other than photo editing or layout in ages (image below compared to the reference), and starting up, a mass portrait painting challenge, where artists of all skill levels are painting the same model. I'm super thrilled to be virtually painting alongside hundreds of others!

Wellness crafts in between: As a way to rotate my arts as well as express my desire for folks to find comfort, especially in such a challenging year, I also managed to squeak in a few crafts as well, including vintage fabric facemasks, handmade lavender-rice eye masks, and stuffies for grown-ups- wishing stars, to remind recipients that we all live under the same sky. Do contact me if you're interested in picking one up ($12 ea, any below)!

That's all news that's fit to print for now - stay creative and find the little moments of joy, friends!

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