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First Day at School - Fall at Dabblers Corner

Things have been hopping with my art process since September. If you haven't taken a look lately, my painting portfolio section has just been updated with my latest portrait of a little one before his first day at school, acrylic, 16x20. Here's a look behind the scenes in case you missed it on social media:

Every portrait is a unique joy and challenge. This painting was a major milestone for me, being the first male and first child, as well as being the first time I imagined what blurring out a background in an acrylic painting might look like (I love stippling). My hope is that in the future, I'll have the opportunity to paint cosplayers and costumed folk of all ages and ethnicities, as well as more cute kids in action.

Every artist paints in a different order and has different techniques; while I'm primarily self-taught in painting and follow my intuition, I also have learned from other types of art classes, art that inspires me, and a few wonderful local and regional artists I have met along my recent journey, for whom I am deeply thankful for their gentle but clear feedback. I have now done enough paintings that when I see an interesting face or photo, I automatically think about how I would paint them in acrylic!

I've been taking a bit of a recovery period, but now I'm off to work on another cosplayer/reenactor portrait before saying bon voyage to my art & prints, which will be heading off the to largest fan run sci-fi & fantasy convention in the northeast, Arisia 2020!

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