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How to be in Two Places at Once

I consider myself super lucky to have learned that like Arisia, another sci-fi/fantasy convention, Boskone also grants artists in the field an opportunity to show and sell their work by mail-in, if they are unable to attend in person. So before I even pulled the bubble wrap off my art from the last show, my work was on its way!

My legs could not make the journey so soon, but I hope my work is received well this weekend, and I hope one day to attend the show myself.

Most places I have run into as an artist expect you or someone you hire to sit at a table, and charge exorbitant fees for the privilege, so if you know of other sci-fi/fantasy or art conventions, especially those on the East Coast that allow for mail-in submission, please contact me!

Meanwhile... I'm kicking the tires on the back end while colored gesso dries on some new canvas. Bear with me - the site *may* undergo a huge transition... I'm comparing a few website options, but I'll let you know if it happens.

Can you believe this site has been up almost one year? I want to thank friends family, models and colleagues for your tremendous support as my traditional arts portfolio grows!

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