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Dabblers Corner Gets a New Coat of Paint!

When we all look back at 2020, I think most of us will agree that it hasn't been the year we thought it would be. As a disabled artist building a custom portrait painting portfolio, I started the year by showing my paintings at two art shows in Boston, which was a positive learning experience. Not long after my art came home, the world and then New York City itself was swallowed in a pandemic.

As a "spoonie" - someone who has limited and variable energy available for activities as the result of disability and chronic illness, I already live most of my life at home (and bed). I thought I would simply take the down time to proactively create, create create - update my site, paint to the max, and prepare for the day that spaces open again where I might show my work.

But after a initial reprieve, my conditions flared. Then people I knew got sick. Some passed away - including a dear friend and mentor. I saw all that was happening in the world - pandemic, economic collapse, the protests, and how this particularly impacted my friends and my neighbors.

One silver lining in all this though was that with so many virtual activities, I have been able to meet many more artists than I ever have. In reaching out to others through numerous virtual meetups and events, I realized the most important thing I needed to do was stop, take care of my health and virtually be there for friends and family. While keeping up art practice is important, self care is even more important - in times of crisis, give yourself the OK to take a little downtime.

Though it has taken awhile, I've been working on updating my website based on feedback I'd gotten as well as changing needs - and here we are! While I loved the look of my old website, it leaned a little more on my role as a virtual creative consultant. My new site is more focused on my portfolio and requesting the creation of an original acrylic custom portrait painting from your favorite photo. This new site also gives you two shop options where you can print art prints and goods from my past works and eventually, originals may come up for sale directly here as well.

Is there something you are looking for here that you haven't found? Have a question? Please don't hesitate to contact me. Meanwhile, I'll continue to kick the tires on the back end!

We're not out of the woods yet. Stay safe and well, all!

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