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Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Not long after announcing my new website is up, I have some extra news to share with you that's a first for me.

I'm eager to show you all my latest cosplayer fantasy painting, but I can't. Not even a snippet. I won't be able to reveal any of my works in progress at least until the fall, perhaps a bit longer.

Why? Because I've applied for a chance at gallery representation, and every new work I make must be brand spanking new, never seen by the public online or off, or even in part. Even if it's a small chance - to be able to be seen by thousands over several months? That's a chance I'm going to take!

It's a bit strange - I'm accustomed to the idea of showing my works online, but essentially, if accepted, it's like having a giant-sized commission request. I can't even go into the details - so, mum's the word! Just cross your fingers and toes for me.

If that isn't worth celebrating, in the process of all this, I learned about the concept of artists' collaboratives. I'm banded together with other highly creative, underrepresented and underserved artists in New York City for this particular project if it goes through. Even if it doesn't, I love the idea of artists supporting other artists to achieve goals.

So, I'll be dabbing and painting as fast as my fingers will let me now, as every work takes me time. If I happen to make a few new upcycled crafts in between, I'll share my best in my portfolio or Instagram profile (and you can find a few jewelry bits currently up for sale on Etsy). I'm still open to commissions as well, so don't hesitate to reach out if you've got a special painting in mind!

Wishing you all joy, creativity, health, comfort and a stylish mask or two.

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